Save on Your Electricity Bills With an LED Retrofit in Rockwall, TX

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a popular option for replacing old light sources in commercial and residential properties. These small, compact diodes are used not just for lighting fixtures but also for various complex machinery and handy devices. LEDs are a dominant staple in the electronics industry for their size, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and color rendering. We can replace your bulbs at C & F Electrical through an LED retrofit. This light source can help you save on your monthly electricity bills while giving the same output. Our company proudly serves customers in Rockwall, TX.

Retain Your Fixture, Upgrade Your Power

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Can lights are recessed lights that people commonly use to spotlight a specific place. While replacing the whole system through an LED retrofit is common, there is a method to retain most of the original can lights. The lamp source can be upgraded to an LED without removing the fixture, creating LED recessed lighting. While finding the right lamp size for your fixtures might be slightly difficult, energy-efficient lighting is still worth the investment. Our certified electricians are experienced in picking the right diode and installing your LED lights.

Renovate Your Lighting System

Trust Our Skilled Team

Our company, C & F Electrical, has a talented team of electricians ready to provide an LED retrofit for your home or business. There are many advantages to having a building’s lights powered by LED, proving that energy costs don’t always reflect efficiency.

The benefits of having retrofitting can lights include:

  • Cost Effectiveness – LEDs use 30-75% less energy to function.
  • Minimum Maintenance – LEDs last 50 times longer than traditional bulbs.
  • Environmental Impact – LEDs contain less hazardous materials.

If you are in the Rockwall, TX area, give our company a call to schedule our service. We offer free consultations and free estimates in every project. Get energy efficient lighting today!

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